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Foggara Hotel is the product of a family effort that began in 2012. We all agree that the style of the hotel should contribute to preserving the cultural heritage, the typical Parrean architecture, and prioritizing comfort for future guests, starting operations in August 2016.

The hotel is within the zone of historical monuments and, the house itself has been defined as a historical monument since February 18, 1998. Convinced of the importance of preserving the simple beauty of Northeast architecture, in the design of the hotel, It respected the original construction and was restored based on the characteristic Parrense style. The central courtyard and backyard garden were designed with guests' enjoyment in mind. Regional elements according to architecture were incorporated to set the spaces.


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Foggara Hotel has 12 rooms that have been carefully designed and furnished looking for the comfort of the occupants. The furniture chosen was a modern and functional style. Five rooms are located around the central patio, and seven in the backyard, overlooking the garden. Three of these have a balcony overlooking the garden.


Its location in the center of the Magical Town of Parras allows you to enjoy its attractions in a few minutes. The aged walnut that covers its terrace and garden provides a perfect environment for conversation and relaxation. Its terrace is an ideal place to enjoy under the stars, a glass of high quality wine from local wineries. Enjoy the pleasure of trying excellent walnut, breaking it yourself in one of the machines available in the garden.

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Foggara Hotel is located in the center of Parras, in a small and quiet street with little traffic. The Plaza de Armas is one block away, and the Plaza del Reloj three blocks away.

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