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The privileged location in the center of the historical monuments area, allows you quick access to the many attractions of the Magic Town. Parras is characterized by the great variety of points of interest and activities that it offers to the visitor. Oenology, gastronomy, architecture, history and nature come together to make your visit entertaining and pleasant.

Historical Center
The Historic Center of Parras has many places of interest and there are concentrated a good part of the restaurants, hotels and shops of regional products. Here you will appreciate the typical features of Northeast architecture, the facades, and the well-preserved French doors, protections, and shields.
Clock Square
Plaza Zaragoza is commonly known as Plaza del Reloj, alluding to the central tower, built as a tribute to the heroes of the Revolution, and the clock brought from France.
Parish of Santa María de las Parras
Built in 1648 and restructured in 1680. There the Virgin of the Assumption is venerated, whose feast is on August 15. The act of the foundation of Santa María de la Parras is inscribed on the outside.
College of San Ignacio de Loyola
It dates from the early 17th century. In addition to being a temple and a house for priests, a school was installed for indigenous children where they were taught Spanish, reading, writing, and evangelized. Home of the Matheo y María archive, a valuable collection of historical documents.
Main Square
In front of the Municipal Presidency and the Temple of San Ignacio, in its central part it has a beautiful kiosk, and on the side a monument to Don Miguel Hidalgo, placed on the first centenary of the beginning of the fight for independence.
City Hall
Pink quarry building built in 1979. It has a mural by the painter Eloy Cerecero, in which the history of the city is reflected, as well as other elements.
Vintage Fountain
It is located next to the Municipal Presidency, it represents the first wine-growing activity established in the American continent in the year 1597.
Artisan Wine Cellars
Several wineries preserve the tradition of making artisanal wine. You cannot miss a visit to these places to taste their products and learn something about their long-standing history.
Santo Madero
It is the most prominent symbol of the city of Parras. In the church built in the upper part of the Sombreretillo hill, the “Santa Cruz” is worshiped, whose celebration is on May 3.
Works for the conduction of water for irrigation of orchards and walnut groves of the locality. They are highly visited places as areas for rest and fun.
Estanque La Luz
Built to collect water from the Tajo Lobatón, to generate electricity for the city and then use it to irrigate the orchards. It feeds on springs in the mountains and is used as a recreational pool. It is one of the most visited places in the population.
Alameda 20 de Noviembre
It is a beautiful public walk that, in addition to poplars, has walnut trees, and a great variety of trees and plants, in beautiful gardens. In the center of the Alameda there is a monument to the grape harvest, represented by a basket of grapes on top, supported by three pillars.
Santuario De Guadalupe
Built at the beginning of the 18th century. With a simple façade, the side tower of a body stands out, topped by pinnacles and four tile images that flank the entrance and represent the four apparitions of the Virgin.
Former farm located southwest of the city. There is a wine and liquor cellar in it, and there is a reserve of bats that offers a unique show every night, when they go out in search of their food.
House of Culture
It has a permanent exhibition of photographs alluding to the Mexican Revolution. He also dedicates a room to Don Francisco I. Madero, where there are images with different events in his life.
Boulevard de La Hacienda y Plaza del Ausente
At one end of the boulevard there is an obelisk, in which is a sculpture of Don Francisco I. Madero, initiator of the Mexican Revolution.
Fábrica La Estrella
Textile company that operated for more than three hundred years. Initially it produced linen and blankets; for the past 110 years it produced denim.
Casa Madero
Viticulture established in 1597 by Don Lorenzo García. Considered the oldest operating winery in America, and the sixth in the world.
The Valley of Parras has excellent conditions for the production of grapes to make wines, which have been awarded prestigious international awards. During your visit, be sure to visit the wineries found here.
Canyon of La Lima
Beautiful blue stone place with vertical walls up to 40 meters high. A recommended experience for all those who enjoy venturing into the corners of nature.

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