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Foggara Hotel is the product of a family effort that began in 2012. Although natives of Coahuila, after many years out of the state and in love with Parras, we decided to acquire a house for the family. Looking for different options, we found this house that caught our attention, as it seemed appropriate for a small hotel. After discussing it and reviewing the feasibility, we decided to undertake the project, which we started in March 2013. We all agreed that the style of the hotel should contribute to preserving the cultural heritage, the typical Parrean architecture, and prioritizing comfort for future guests. guests. After more than three years of family work, and with the collaboration of competent professionals in the area of ​​construction, architecture and interior design.

The original number of the hotel headquarters was 5. This officially changed to 111, due to the rearrangement of the properties by the municipality of Parras. The hotel is within the zone of historical monuments and the house itself is defined as a historical monument by decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on February 18, 1998. The same document mentions: “The architecture of the city is devoid of artifices and is simple in its elements, which, such as alignments, profiles, materials, construction procedures and ornamentation, refer to solving the basic needs of human habitat and is mainly expressed in the almost exclusive handling of volumes, a situation that gives special character to the architecture of Parras ”.

In the design of the hotel, the original construction was respected and it was restored based on the characteristic Parrense style, eliminating those modern elements that were added in more recent dates. The central courtyard and backyard garden were designed with guests' enjoyment in mind. Regional elements according to architecture were incorporated to set the spaces.